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My summer nail polish collection is finally here! First of all, I’d just like to take quick second to thank everyone who has supported me this past year. I’m just had my one year anniversary and this wouldn’t be possible for me to do without all of you! I have SO MUCH MORE coming for you! (also, I apologize for this blog coming so late)

So, here’s a look at my summer nail polish collection!

(P.S., the swatches below are by @swatched_and_polished and @polish.lab.rat on Instagram- check them out!!!)

Up first: Banana Split

If there was one thing I knew about this summer collection, it was that I NEEDED a yellow. Not a neon yellow, not a mustard yellow, but a beautiful pastel, yet bold yellow. So, that is how Banana Split came about. Almost every yellow I have ever used has needed three or more coats (we do not have time for that) ~ and I did not want that for this yellow. (if you’ve tried it you only need TWO coats!).

Banana Split Swatchwd and polished.jpeg

NEXT: Mint Chip

Can you guess my favorite ice cream??? But really, who doesn’t love Mint Chocolate Chip. I’ve always loved mint green nail polish, but wanted mine to be a little different. There’s a slight teal undertone in mint chip that is just 👅👅👅…. You get the point. Anyway, this is probably my favorite polish to put a matte top coat over. It’s perfect for spring and summer (and maybe even winter?) 

mint chip swatched and polished.jpeg

Third, Blackberry Mojito

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been much of a purple nail polish girl. However, this polish has officially changed that for me. It’s a one coater (we love a one coater) and somehow elegant and bold at the same time. Again, try this with a matte top coat - you won’t be disappointed. 

blackberry swatched and polished copy.jpeg

Next, Watermelon Slush:

I absolutely knew I needed a pink in this collection. I don’t think anyone can go through summer without wearing pink nail polish AT LEAST once. At first, I considered a neon pink, but it just didn’t look right. Watermelon slush is a pastel pink with a ~HINT~ (seriously just a hint) of neon. I love pastel colors, but they have to be BOLD. Watermelon slush is exactly what I picture when I think “pastel and bold”.

Watermelon Swatche and polished.jpeg


Okay, here’s my favorite one. I love a blue nail polish. Always. This is a color that I could truly live in. Summer, fall, winter and spring, you will find this on my nails. It reminds me of the ocean in Greece (hence the name, duh). 

greek getaway swacthed and polished.jpeg

LAST:  Aloha, beaches! 

Here is another favorite of mine (although they’re all favorites if we’re being honest). This is the one and only metallic polish in this collection. There is something beachy about this shade, but I would also use it as a year round polish. This one also pairs PERFECTLY with Knocking on Heaven’s Door from the Signature Collection!

aloha beaches hand photo.jpeg