Hi! My name is Meghan Girouard and I'm the founder of The Nail Bazaar. Since I was a little kid I've always been obsessed with Nail Polish. I can remember toting around a luggage full of nail polish to my family and friend's house and offering to paint everyone's nails. I even went through a phase in elementary school where I would paint my nails a different color every night to match my outfit for school the next day. 

So, you can imagine that I wanted to do SOMETHING with nail polish as I got older. When I got my first paycheck after graduating from college I used that money to invest in my own nail polish company. 

I love creating the colors, naming them, and seeing others use them and love them. I love matching nail polish colors to the seasons or even my mood. I think nail polish is such a cool way to elevate your look and show off your personality. 

I hope you love the polishes as much as I do!